How to Maximize Your Sunlight Exposure



The best way to get Vitamin D is… THE SUN! Sunlight ignites vitamin D production in your body. And while supplementation is great, sunlight contributes to the direct formation of vitamin D in your body. It also activates vitamin D by turning it into vitamin D sulfate - making it substantially better than any pill. Natural sunlight also helps your body to produce cholesterol sulfate, balance testosterone, and increase nitric oxide, endorphins, and dopamine. 

Vitamin D in supplement form can build up to toxic levels in your body. But you’ll never overdose on vitamin D from sunlight – you stop producing it when you hit the optimal level!

Too much sun can give you a sunburn (ouch!), which correlates with skin cancer, but you can easily avoid that by staying in the sun for 15-25 minutes at a time, and then putting on a quality sunscreen (or you can take astaxanthin to keep yourself from burning). 

A note on sunscreens - a recent study confirms that the active ingredients in sunscreen seep into your bloodstream after just one use. Scientists have known for a long time that sunscreen chemicals disrupt your endocrine system and are measurable in the bloodstream, urine, and breast milk. This study shows that levels of avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule (sunscreen active ingredients) in the bloodstream exceeded concentrations that the FDA would flag after just one day of use. Hawaii even went as far as to legally ban these ingredients because they are directly killing off the coral reefs. The best option is to find a natural (zinc) sunscreen in a cream form, not a spray, to avoid inhalation. 

My Top Tips to Maximize Your Sun Exposure: 

1. Allow natural sunlight to hit your skin and enter your eyes for a minimum of 15-25 minutes each day.

2. Protect yourself from sunburn by using zinc or titanium based natural sunscreens (applied after the first 15-25 minutes). 

3. Read sunscreen labels. Check ingredients to avoid retinal palmitate, oxybenzone, and other toxic ingredients. 

4. Plan ahead. Allow yourself to have maximum sun exposure while protecting yourself from sunburn by planning time to be in shade or to cover yourself up with clothing as much as possible.